Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks. We’re all bound to have one somewhere in our homes, if not all over the world. These sturdy timepieces have been a fixture in many families since the 1800s (and were initially known as grandfather clocks, for the reason that they were so often used by those very same grandfathers). Their robust construction, easy-to-read numbers, and classic style make them hugely popular with collectors today. In fact, there are an incredible amount of grandfather clocks around at the moment – making these clocks great gifts as well!

Grandfather Clocks – A classic, old-fashioned design

grandfather clocks

Grandfather clocks are clocks that have a classic, old-fashioned design. Typically, they are longcase clocks, with casings that are either made of wood (usually pine) or metal (usually brass). A grandfather clock is usually a tall, solid, weight-driven, pendulum clock with an inner cylinder or other pendulum hanging within its longcase. These clocks typically have intricate chimes that sound each hour, half hour, and quarter hour. Grandfather clocks that are handed down from generation to generation in families can be anything from early American or English models to European-style, oak-banded grandfather clocks. The cases of these types of clocks vary widely: some are tall, some are short, and some have long cases featuring elaborate carving.

There are many different styles of grandfather clocks to choose from, each featuring a unique characteristic that adds a special touch to the moment. Some have one day movement, some have a two or three day movement, and others have a complete one-day movement. Many grandfather clocks are pendulums – which means that they run by the principle of a pendulum, ticking one minute after another until the hour hand reaches the top, then quickly swinging down to the bottom. Other grandfather clocks use a swinging, sliding, winding, or rocking motion to accomplish the one-day movement.

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