Choosing a Wood Vase

wood vase

A wood vase is an excellent choice for placing silk flowers or dried flowers. A variety of types of wood are available, including mango, teak and lacquered wood. Ketut Sukayasa, who grew up in Bali, started making these crafts in elementary school. He uses readily available materials to create a unique, elegant vase. His work is sold at various stores and hotels, and he also produces other decorative tableware.

A Wood Vase Is An Excellent Choice For Placing Silk Flowers

A vase can add a dramatic focal point to a room. It can also act as a water source for cut flowers. Picking the right vase is crucial for keeping your arrangement’s form and supporting the blooms in the correct position. A vase can be used for many purposes, from providing a focal point in a room to serving as a decorative piece in different locations. In addition to serving multiple purposes, a vase is also a great gift for family and friends.

Before you choose a wood vase, make sure to consider the formality of the occasion. If you’re planning a more informal event, consider rustic vases or nostalgic pitchers. If the occasion is more formal, opt for elegant, classic vases. Depending on the flowers, size and color will also help you choose a suitable vase. Then, choose the right size and number of flowers to complement the vase. A wood vase will look stunning when filled with fresh flowers.

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