Building Inspections in Whangarei – Why They’re Important

building inspections Whangarei

Building Inspections Whangarei – Betta Inspect It can be done by building surveyors from any of the two major New Zealand construction firms, Toto Ltd and James Hardie Construction. The building surveyors hired by TOTO will be able to identify problems with the buildings foundations, walls and roof that will be the difference between being a building that holds value or a loss when sold. If a problem is not identified before it becomes significant then it could end up costing the buyer of your property a lot of money when you finally decide to sell. An annual building review is conducted by these companies on all major buildings.


In Whangarei, building inspections are carried out by the contractors prior to the completion of a building project. It is common for the contractors to carry out routine preventive building maintenance and inspecting the work site for any possible future problems. This prevents unnecessary costs in the long run. The cost of a building project is dependent on its value so if your home isn’t worth as much as the builders believed it would then you could have lost out on a lot of money.


By carrying out regular building inspections in Whangarei you are protecting the investment in your home and helping to ensure that it remains a sound and valuable asset. Your home will also continue to increase in value should you choose to sell it in the future, as it has now, in comparison to similar properties in the area that haven’t had building inspections carried out. A professional building inspection company in Whangarei will ensure that your building is up to code and there are no defects, and any necessary repairs carried out immediately to prevent any future damage. These building inspectors will carry out a full inspection of the building’s exterior, interior and roofs to give you peace of mind and leave you with complete peace of mind that your building has been inspected and found to be in a satisfactory condition.

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