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    Configure MySQL to Use the Wireless Network

    Trying to connect to MySQL on free windows registry without username or password? Try MySQL login without username/ Password? Many times I get error messages like “Can not connect to MySQL server” in my computer when trying to connect to MySQL server without User Name and Password. Sometimes I get an error like “Sorry, something went wrong with connection to MySQL server. Please try again.” Read More – https://routerhax.com

    Configuring Your Wireless Network for Free (or Paid) Wireless Networks

    For those errors, you may have come across it is possible to connect MySQL via a wireless network like a Wi-Fi network or a wireless adapter. How to connect to MySQL through a wireless network? For this, you will need to change your default gateway settings so that it is configured with the Wi-Fi network. It will automatically assign a suitable SSID and enable connections from that location. Usually the SSID that you are using is the one associated with your computer’s manufacturer. Just make sure that it is also set to connect to the MySQL server.

    Now when you are logged on, use Windows Explorer or NetMeeting (on a Windows computer) to access your router’s control panel. Select the Wireless Networks icon, and click on it. Then, double-click the Connection tab. If you are using a wireless adapter for your laptop, you can just click on the Wireless Networking icon. Once done, you will be able to log into your MySQL database through your router’s default gateway.