Making the Link:
Expanding Opportunities for People with Physical Disabilities

CMFA was founded in Evans, Georgia in 2007 by three U.S. military veterans and three non-veterans: Jeffrey Snover, Scott Winkler, Orlando Perez, Judie Thompson, Cheryl Snover and Joy Fiske, respectively. The group was first introduced to adapted sports through the U.S. Paralympic Military Program in 2007. The experience imbued them with a passion for physical activity and the desire to participate in and encourage a wider range of programming at home.

Though there were a few like-minded organizations each providing limited adaptive sport programming in Augusta, having experienced significant benefits through their exposure to a wider variety of sports, the founders felt a clear need in the community for an organization dedicated entirely to making the link between sport and leisure programs and people with physical disabilities.

CMFA held its first sports clinic in November 2007, introducing hand cycling to 27 people with disabilities, including 18 people with spinal cord injury or disease.

Currently CMFA runs multiple sports programs for over 100 participants with over 400 volunteers.

With 60,000 disabled persons in the CSRA, CMFA is growing fast!